How to Handle Carpet Stains and Spots

Getting your carpet stained is a certainty. Something will fall into it one of these days and you’ll find it difficult to remove. Your floor has to be spotless in order to keep the beauty of the room. It leaves nothing but the best impression to your guests, which is exactly what you want.

Spots and stains usually occur in high traffic areas. That’s the reason why you have to address them on the onset. They are easily spotted by people who are coming into your home or office. Having a spotless home is essential, and it usually starts with the carpet.

Spots vs. Stains

A lot of people think that spots and stains are the same but it isn’t. While they can be interchanged there’s something different between spots and stains. A spot results from adding a substance or material to the surface or texture of the fabric. Stain, on the other hand, is caused by adding color to the fabric or any type of surface.

Once you understand the difference between stains and spots, you’ll be better equipped with knowledge as to how you’ll handle it. Between spots and stains, the latter is easier to remove because stains become a part of carpet’s filament structure. Removing the stain can be a little more complicated than removing spots. This is why you have to use the right cleaning agent for the task.

How to Identify Spots from Stains

Don’t make the mistake of using spot removers for stains and vice versa. To identify between spots and stains, inspect the problem area closely. Is the imperfection too shiny? If that’s the case, then the problem may be caused by oil. On the other hand, if it looks crusty and dull, then the problem is caused by sugar-based contaminants.

Another way to know is to feel the stain or spot with your hand. Just be sure to wear gloves when doing so. If you feel that the texture of the affected part of the carpet is not different from the rest, then it’s most probably a stain. If you can feel there’s a difference in texture, then it’s a spot, and you have to address it appropriately.

Where to Start4

Once you have determined what kind of imperfection occurred in your carpet, the next thing to do is to determine what solution you can use to remove it. If you’re dealing with oil-based spotting, then you should use d-limonene based or formulated dry cleaning solvents. Note that water-based solutions can’t remove oils and oily matters from the carpet. A good example of dry solvent is gasoline. However, you are not supposed to use it to clean your carpet.

But to get the best possible results from the experience, you have to hire Minneapolis residential carpet cleaning experts. That way, you can get the best possible results from the service. These professionals know the difference between spots and stains and can handle each of them appropriately. Find the best service provider near you and they’ll help you with all the stains and spots your carpet has.

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